Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another Book Finished!

In theory, I finished my third book while I was away on my week o' writing.  But actually, it needed a few bridge chapters and some polishing and editing.  I finished it--REALLY--early on Friday morning, about three o'clock.

It was kind of exhilarating.  I remember when I finished Fearless; I really couldn't believe that I finally done it, finished an entire book.   I ended up playing with it for quite a while before I was satisfied with it.  I was naive enough to think that once I had finished the writing, the hard work was done.  And then I began learning about querying and agents and publishers. . .HA!

Breathless seemed to move along a little faster, but I was still pretty happy when it too was finished. And I was excited to begin the third book, but because it's a little darker than the first two books, it was harder to write.  So the relief I felt when Restless was officially wrapped was huge.

I'm also looking forward to beginning the last book. . .in a dreading kind of way.  I love these characters, and I'm going to be really lonely without them, even with a long line of other characters waiting in the wings to have their stories told.

But regardless, it feels good to have three books under my belt.

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