Friday, August 27, 2010

Things that make me happy I'm a writer. . .

A few weeks ago I sent my first book to a friend.  Now, you have to understand that this is a really hard thing to do.  It's like sending my children out into the world and saying, "Please judge them."  I trust my friends, but I hate the idea of putting them into the position of having to say. . ."Oh. . .well. . .it was. . .good. . ."

Anyway, this sweet pal emailed me that not only was she enjoying the book, her sons were, too.  That is music to my ears!  It makes all the writing angst worthwhile.

And then this week, one of my writing group friends called me.  I had taken her copies of my first two books last month.  She was calling to tell me that she had finished the second book and loved it--she said she couldn't put it down. She wasn't just saying it; she wanted to read the next book and she was really raving!  It was the kind of call every writer dreams of hearing.

Kind words make all the difference.  Kind and genuine words give me the impetus to keep writing.

These are the things that make me happy.

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