Thursday, October 21, 2010

T-20 Until NYC

I can't believe that we'll be heading north to NYC in less than three weeks.  Yikes!  I'm not sure if I'm more nervous about the flight or the conference.

(Regarding the flight:  I am actually doing some very proactive work to prepare for a calmer trip for me, and your prayers are coveted for all of that.  Thanks!)

I've received some more information about the conference, and I have to admit that I am both excited and a little anxious.  I've been placed in the young adult groups (meaning that I write YA, not that I am a young adult--let's be clear about that!!).  Some sessions will critique query letters, and others will critique a work sample (the first two pages of the MS).  We have to send ahead these items, so I've been polishing both of mine, sending them to trusted friends and writers for their ideas.  I think they are both about ready to be sent to New York.

The format of the workshops will have the writers (that's me--gulp!) reading aloud whatever we're focusing on, either the query letter or the sample.  The agents on the board will listen and stop us when the piece stops 'working for them'.  I have a horror that they will stop me at the first line!

And above and beyond the whole 'am I a good enough writer' anxiety is the worry of being a Floridian in NYC.  I love my adopted home state, but I have to admit that I'm afraid it's sucked out any fashion sense I might have had when I lived in the northeast!  Here we live in shorts, simple tees and flip flops.  I know how to dress, but I don't feel as though I'm in touch with what's the right thing to wear when.  Plus it's New York in mid-November--it's gonna be cold, baby!

The conference organizers suggest business casual wear, so I am trying to put together outfits that fit that criteria.  I don't want to be a fashion diva, mind you, but neither do I want to look like the hick in the city.

So there are all (well, nearly all) of my NYC conference phobias.  I'll keep you posted as we move forward and of course, I'll be posting from the conference as well.  Get ready for a virtual trip to the big city!

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  1. Hicks in the city ;) coming soon to HBO!

    As for the conference, you're gonna be awesome. Your grammar seems flawless, and Lord knows you have a good story. Just relax!