Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The itch is back

I'm hearing the voices again.

No, the insanity isn't back.  I haven't lost my mind or gained an alter personality.  I'm hearing my characters speak again.

It happens at odd times, usually when I'm doing something like drying my hair or putting on makeup.  I hear Tasmyn tell me about something that is happening with her and Michael on their college campus.  She's ready to see her story resume, I guess.

I can't complain.  My fictional friends have been considerately quiet while the wedding mania has been at its height, and while I've had twinges of anxiety about my lack of writing--will I ever write again??--it's been a relief to have one thing off my daily list.

I'm actually pretty excited to report that I'm feeling a little impatient to get back to my story.  I know a little bit of what needs to be told in book 4, and I'm getting glimpses what is going to make book 1 tighter and better.  I just need the time to actually get it onto the computer!

It'll come.  Until then, I just have to ignore the itch a little longer.

Oh, and ask Tasmyn to simmer down for just about another month.


  1. I love when the spark comes back after having faded for a little while! That's happened to me lately. I just stopped writing for almost a week, which is rare for me. Then last night, I got a whole scene and a half down in just a few minutes. It was a relief. Good luck with getting back to it once you're done with the hustle and bustle of life! :)


  2. This seems to happen most often to me when I'm in the shower and have to call out to my saint-of-a-husband, "Hurry, Marcelo! Pen! Paper!"

    I'm delighted Marcie Bridges told me about your blog and am glad to be a new follower.