Friday, October 28, 2011

Filing the Pieces

Re-writing segments of a book are like taking a large chunk of a puzzle and retooling those pieces in such a way that they make the puzzle even better. . .but still fit the original picture. 

It's not easy.

I'm nearly finished the final edit on the first part of my first book.  I'm excited about the changes; I think they only make the final story tighter and better.  At the same time, I do miss what was cut from the opening chapters.  I like a lot of background when I read or when I write; while I don't think what I took away hurts the story, it wasn't easy to see it go.

Since I am getting closer to my e-pub date, I am also working on book promotion.  My website is up and under construction.  A wonderful and kind writer friend is going to do a cyber promotion tour for me. I'm finalizing the cover design. I am working on blurbs for the press releases.  So much to do!!

It's not unlike the final months of pregnancy (which means I've been expecting for almost three years. . well, that's not unlike my other four pregnancies!!).  While I need to concentrate on the most important thing--finishing the book edit/growing the baby--I also need to have everything ready for the birth and the baby--uh, I mean the book! Instead of setting up the nursery and putting together the stroller, I'm checking out publicity sites and working on promotion.

I can't wait for you all to meet Tasmyn and Michael, and even Nell.  I think you'll enjoy these characters, and I hope you love their story.

Stay tuned for more info in the coming days!