Sunday, October 10, 2010

Writing Slump

I've heard of writer's block, that dreaded affliction that makes it impossible for a writer to--well, write.  I've experienced it rarely, to my great fortune.  But what I do see now and then is writer's slump.

I'm in one of those right now.  Writer's slump is tricky, because sometimes it masquerades as life; going two or three days without doing any serious writing can be blamed on extra chores, visitors or sick children.  And then one day, you realize that a week has passed without any forward motion on your latest work.  That's when you know you're in a slump.

For the last few weeks, my life has been extra full.  There have been some intense school days, field trips, impromptu trips for family members and just the daily craziness that IS my world.  I get on the computer at night and answer email; I might be inspired to update the blogs, but as for my regular work?  Not so much.  I open it up, read the previous few paragraphs and realize that the inspiration isn't flowing. I might write a line. . .maybe two. . .but it's just not happening.

A slump is worse than a block in some ways because it's insidious.  It's easy to explain away the lack of writing.  But the truth is that when things are really flowing, no amount of busy-ness is going to keep me away from my book.  I'll stay up late at night finishing chapters, hide away and write for hours, carry my computer everywhere and write wherever I can.  I'm almost living in two worlds, one foot in the land where my characters dwell and one in the real world.

The slump will end one of these days.  I'll find myself in the mood to write and suddenly the words will come, almost too fast for me to keep up with them.  That's a good day.

Until then, I'll write when I can and try to be patient with myself.  No slump lasts forever!

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